How to Choose the Right Handbag

Choose the right bag for every situation. That is a simple statement for some; however, many of us have one great bag we use on daily bases. A handbag is as vital to our look as any other item we wear. When you see someone with the right bag you notice how perfectly dressed and groomed they are.

Stylish Handbags

What is the right bag? The answer lies in your personality, lifestyle and your body scale. The shape is often determined by your personality and personal preferences. Another determination is the event. Last is the outfit and shoes you are wearing.

Above all love the handbags you choose and buy only what makes you feel good about your choice and about yourself when you use it.

The best size handbag for your body scale:

  • A short person requires a bag that is small to medium to appear balanced.
  • Average height person requires no special consideration you can easily choose what size fits your lifestyle.
  • Tall women select medium to large bags for balancing her body structure
  • Overweight women should choose medium handbags to minimize without bringing attention anywhere.

A handbag is an essential piece to your finishing touches. Especially when the handbag is part of the outfit rather than something merely used to carry their essentials.

For additional information or to learn more about your body scale and shape please contact one of ByFERIAL Certified Consultant TODAY!



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