Celebrating 10 Years of The 4X4 Color System

Ferial Youakim sitting on a coach holding a champagne glass and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 4X4 Color System

“Life without color is lifeless” -Ferial Youakim

Meet Ferial Youakim, a leader that inspires the people of today and tomorrow.

Ferial—a testament to the remarkable power of resilience and determination. From refugee to successful business owner and devoted mother of three, Ferial proves that success is not only for the privileged.

Founder of the 4×4 Color System, Ferial, shares with us in this interview not just her challenging journey, but also the story behind the development of the one-of-a-kind color system.

What inspired you to create the 4×4 Color System, and how has its evolution over the past decade impacted the way people perceive and use color in various fields?

My passion for colors was the spark that ignited the creation of the 4×4 Color System. It was born out of a need to navigate the uncharted territories within color theory. I embarked on extensive research, and despite the challenges, the system evolved because I couldn’t ignore the vast grey areas left unaddressed. Witnessing the transformation this system brings into people’s lives – whether it’s helping them secure a job, win someone’s heart, or simply look their best – fills me with immense joy.

Could you share a significant moment or story that highlights the transformative effect or application of the 4×4 Color System in design, art, or any other industry since its inception?

Let me share a recent success story that exemplifies the real power of our system. It’s not merely about finding the right colors; it’s about the profound impact those colors have on one’s self-esteem, confidence, and sense of worth. For example, our system was adopted by Wildflower Boutique, and after clients underwent a Personal Color consultation, they realized the importance of wearing colors that perfectly matched their 16-season palette. The boutique’s income surged, showing a remarkable 4X increase, as clients recognized the potential for future success and invested significantly in new wardrobe. This is precisely what our system does – it builds self-esteem and significantly boosts businesses. We’re inviting professionals in various industries like makeup artists, hairstylists, boutique owners, and anyone in the fashion and beauty sector to explore partnerships and delve deeper into the 4×4 Color System.

As the system celebrates its 10th anniversary, what challenges did you encounter while developing and popularizing it, and how did you overcome these obstacles to establish its significance in the realm of color theory?

My journey hasn’t been easy, but it taught me to stand firm for what I believe in, especially when it comes to helping others. The 4×4 Color System isn’t just a system; it’s a patented approach, was approved for R&D by the Australian government, blogged about on by Munsell. Overcoming the challenges was a testament to the system’s universality—cutting through the confusion of old methods and catering to all skin types. It’s a simple yet revolutionary 4 step process:

1- Analyzing a client’s energy (personality DNA),

2- Determining their hue (undertone – cool or warm),

3- Assessing their value scale (how dark or light they are),

4- And finally, understanding their intensity within their seasonal colors. This revolution in color theory is making history.

Looking ahead, what future developments or expansions do you envision for the 4×4 Color System, and how do you anticipate it will continue to influence creative processes and industries in the years to come?

The 4×4 Color System is rapidly becoming a household name in the fashion and beauty industry. Its simplicity and accuracy make it impossible to ignore. More people are intrigued and eager to learn about it. It’s not just a trend; it’s a movement. If anyone wants to join us in this journey of discovery and transformation, we welcome them to reach out and learn more about this remarkable system that’s shaping the future of color theory.

In the face of challenges, success isn’t about the absence of obstacles, but the strength to persist, learn, and grow amidst them. Beyond Beauty was created to support people that are facing challenges by inspiring them and proving to them that everything is possible if you want it.



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