Brand Yourself & Shine with Ferial Youakim

Keynote Speaker

Everyone is so special and unique. Because of that, we all deserve to stand out and shine in order to achieve our personal objectives.

The 4 dimensions of success are the missing links for your personal and professional growth. Allow Ferial Youakim to guide you to these.

If you want to:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Build your business and bottom line
  • Getthat job or climb the corporate ladder
  • Get ahead of all your competition
  • Win someone?s heart with your authentic self
  • Find your poise and presence to stand out and shine.

Think about this – your image is just like selecting a diamond; you need to consider the 4 c?s of your image in order to shine. A diamond is Multi-Faceted and so is your image, so to shine you need to focus on Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat–but what that means in the image world is something very different. Learn how to do that as you position yourself as an influencer and thought leader.

So, come along and join Fashion and Image industry leader, Ferial Youakim, to share with you the secrets to success. Join us LIVE as she shares her wealth of knowledge in a 1-hour FREE Personal branding online event.

Ferial is the President-Elect of the Image Consultants Association so a spot on this webinar is incredibly valuable. She wants us all to access our natural ability to brand our authentic selves and shine.

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