Are Your Clothes Sending The Right Message?

Most entrepreneurs emphasize effective communication because we all know that the words we speak are responsible for conveying the impact we desire. Therefore, most business professionals choose their words carefully,

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Taking Your Cues from the Clues

The time of year has arrived when party invitations seem to appear in your mailbox every other day. In addition to figuring out transportation for the celebration and what hostess

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Making Tomorrow Better

It is only human nature to look toward the future, and hope that it brings better times our way. Sometimes it can feel like we don’t truly have any control

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Image Consultant Empower Global Group

Empower Global Group

If you want to be a part of an exclusive group of successful entrepreneurs, then join our Empower Global Group or if you are a subscriber this is your opportunity

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Position Yourself for Tomorrow

Of course, soaking in the opportunities of each day in the moment is important, but you also must remember that you’re working to build a better future for yourself too.

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Stay Relevant with Your Grooming

The reality of the situation is that appearances do matter. People make judgments based on how well-groomed other individuals are. If you show up to meetings in sloppy attire and

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Making Your Presence Known

Now that you’ve made the decision to move forward in life, you need to let people know that you are here. Don’t hide in the background of your own life,

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Define Your Value

When it comes to your business, you might not yet realize how important your central marketing message is to your brand. Fortunately, our Empower Global Community is aware of this

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Reflecting on Success

Taking a look back on my own journey often leads me to important questions about what I have done to deserve all the good that I now have. As a

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Benefits Of The 4X4 Color System

Benefits Of The 4X4 Color System

Color matters! You have your style down. You know the exact dynamics and dimensions of what type of clothes and accessories flatter your body perfectly. But, are those choices the

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