The Evolution of Color

If you would like to learn how to look your best no matter the occasion, you won?t want to miss Ferial?s new book, ?The Evolution of Color.? Inside, you will

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He Is the Reason for The Season

Remembering the Reason for the Season? People from all parts of the world look forward to the holiday season each year because they are eager to exchange gifts and spend

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Cruising In Style

Going on a cruise is a fun and relaxing experience for anyone, but a lot of people have a hard time deciding what they should wear during their getaway. You

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Personal Color Analysis

Although people often search for clothes and apparel that look great, they often overlook the importance of finding outfits that match the natural colors of their bodies. Finding the right

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Personal Style and Color Analysis

The old techniques are becoming irrelevant as new 4X4 Color System emerge. ByFERIAL Image Consultant firm has spent many years developing new ways to approach color analyses and the research

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How To Select Your Watches

A quality watch is an essential piece to your finishing touches as it makes a statement about your style and standing.? Though watches are not all made of the same

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