Being Enriched Isn’t About Being Rich

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Do you struggle to balance your budget with your quest for a stellar wardrobe? Maybe, you look at your full closet only to think you have nothing to wear? 

Whether you have too much or too little to work with, you have the same core problem. Your closet is a leach to your time and resources when it should be one of your greatest assets. The solution, however, is much simpler than you might imagine, and we even have an exciting opportunity to help you ensure success. 

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Being Enriched Isn’t About Being Rich 

Before we get into the solution, it’s essential to understand a life-changing truth about what we are trying to solve. 

Looking like a million dollars isn’t a price tag on your image. It’s making your image priceless one decision at a time. Enrichment is a mindset, and obtaining it is a commitment to live your best life on any budget. It’s the epiphany that each and every facet that composes your life fulfills one of two purposes: 

1. Hold you back and down from your goals, ambitions, and highest sense of self or…

2. Propels you up and forward to reach your goals, achieve your ambitions, and find your highest sense of self. 

Which purpose is your wardrobe fulfilling? 

Chris Gardner was homeless, penniless, and trying to balance being a single father with an opportunity to earn his dream job. He lived out of a suitcase, hand-washing his limited business wardrobe in bathroom sinks at homeless shelters. Yet, no one at his prestigious brokerage firm knew this intern wasn’t already the success he portrayed himself to be, and he went on to become a millionaire. 

Mr. Gardner is the case and points that enrichment isn’t about being rich or poor nor how little or much is in your wardrobe. It’s how you use what you have that will truly add value to your life. 

So, no matter what your wardrobe looks like, begin by asking yourself what purpose it’s meant to fulfill. Is it holding you back or propelling you forward to that purpose? Is your budget going to waste on items that don’t align with your purpose, your total image? 

Truthfully answering purpose and fulfillment questions will be your most considerable guidance in using your aesthetics as an asset to enrich your life. 

Use The Art Of Dressing As An Enrichment Tool 

The art of dressing isn’t so complicated once you understand the rules to follow: 

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1. Know And Follow Your Ideal Look 

Knowing your ideal look is the key to your closet. It unlocks all your potential so that you can look, feel, and act as the rich version of yourself on any budget. 

Time is money, and knowledge is the stopwatch. If you waste time trying to emulate looks that aren’t aligned with your coloring, body dimensions, style, and purpose and fulfillment, then you’ve wasted resources creating an expensive wardrobe that’s worthless to your life. No enrichment there, right? 

So, identify your ideal look and use it as the criteria for adding and subtracting from your wardrobe. 

2. Opt For Quality Over Quantity 

This rule is about avoiding all that aligns with the ideal look you identified in rule #1. 

It includes the unnecessary bargain of buying a misfit piece because it’s priced well. It avoids herd shopping to add to your closet because others have it in their closets. It waits patiently for the correct item at the right price. 

The retail fashion world often neglects to mention that everyone has their own best look based on their characteristics and objectives. The matches aren’t one-size-fits-all. They’re precise to you. Once you realize this, choosing quality over quantity becomes an easy task. 

3. Buy The Upside 

Sales are great, but if prices seem too good to be true, there’s likely a quality lapse somewhere. 

Again, it pays to save or wait for legit sales versus paying less for poor quality and knockoffs that will sacrifice your authenticity with knowledgeable onlookers. 

Instead of looking at labels, look at the upside of making it a rule always to buy the best quality you can afford. 

4. Give Yourself A Compliment 

Too often, we dress to get complimented by others on what we wear, where we bought it from, and who designed it. While such details may impress a few, you’ll impress the masses if you compliment yourself first and foremost. It speaks volumes about your self-concept and authenticity, critical components to a positive image. 

To do this, you must make each selection be about your reflection. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Does the image reflect your personality, lifestyle, intelligence, ambitions, skills, goals, and mindset? Does it portray your best body image? Does it feed your self-esteem and ‘can do’ attitude? 

If you can’t pay yourself such compliments, then it’s highly unlikely onlookers will see your image as positive either. 

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5. Don’t Box Yourself Into A Single Look 

Your perfect look has specific parameters, but it’s not a prison cell, and it shouldn’t look like it’s stuck on Groundhog Day. 

Use color to your advantage. Select versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple looks. Use transition pieces to take outfits from day to night and vice versa. Learn the power accessories have in changing a look’s dynamics. 

In closing, the rich version of yourself adds and subtracts in value based on every decision you make toward your image. This is both how you value yourself and how others value you. The clothes you wear can either enrich your life’s image or leave it struggling to thrive. What choices will you make? 

Need Help With Your Wardrobe Journey? 

Habits are hard to break, even when they’re a disservice. Likewise, in the vast expanse of the fashion world, it can be challenging to discover your ideal look
and implement wardrobe rules around it. 

So, before you go on a closet purge or buying spree, take advantage of a fabulous opportunity to learn from one of the most successful and highly esteemed leaders in the industry. 

Join us as we host Ferial Youakim, creator of The Universal 4X4 Color System – (16 seasons) ®. This is the place to learn just what it takes to use just a few key pieces to create that endless, enriching wardrobe we’ve been talking about above. We can’t wait to book your spot today! 



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