How to Become an Image Consultant or a Fashion Stylist

Have you always dreamed of becoming a fashion stylist or an image consultant, but never quite found your way into the field? Now is the time to stop wishing and make this dream a reality. You could join us for a training session in 2014 and walk out as an accredited fashion stylist and image consultant. Our fashion and image consultant training courses can help you reach your goals.

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Our business is expanding and growing right alongside the image industry, so we are able to offer better courses this year than ever. We are very pleased to announce that we will be offering three incredible options to get you certified for the 2014. Our courses will target basic, intermediate, and advanced level students who are looking to refine their skills in the industry.

For those with little to no experience in the industry, we will be offering a Certified Online Image Consultant Training. This course will teach you the basics to get you started in the image industry. Our certification will be a building block on which you can add experience and professional connections. As you gain more knowledge and passion in the field, you will be able to take our more advanced trainings.

Individuals with some experience in the industry will be able to take our Certified Professional Image Consultant Training. The training will take the knowledge that you already have and fill in all of the gaps needed to bring you up to the professional level. This intermediate training option will help you take your skills towards a profitable career in the image industry.

Those who are looking for an advanced training will be able to participate in our Certified Master Trainer & Lifestyle Coach Course. This course was designed for professionals who want to gain even more credentials and share their knowledge with others as they continue to expand their careers. Working with some of our experts, you will be invited to challenge yourself to reach the next level of expertise in your field.

We are very excited about all three of these opportunities, and we look forward to working with dedicated and passionate new students. Now is a great time to get involved in this industry and explore a new passion. Contact us now for more information or to enroll in one of our fashion and image consultant training courses.



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