Balance Your Fashion With This List Of Must-Have And Never-Wear Pieces For Your Closet

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How do fashion choices remain stabilized to suit the chaos of life-changing on a dime? Ever wonder what fundamental principle makes someone’s closet a hit or miss? The answer may surprise you. 

Look Beyond Budget 

Many will likely say money makes or breaks your closet. Wrong. Celeb fashion police alone prove that all the money in the world doesn’t create style, and I’ve seen some of the most fabulous closets built on a shoestring budget. Money may buy many clothes, but it doesn’t ensure you have the right clothes and don’t have the wrong clothes. 

So what’s the answer if not money? 


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Make Balance Your Closet’s Great Equalizer 

Balance is a fundamental law of the universe. From work-life balance and balanced diets to balanced checkbooks and the balance beam at the center of Lady Justice’s scale, balance is the great equalizer between all that’s good and bad, including your fashion and closet choices. 

If you want to open your closet to all its potential, the core principle you should apply to your fashion is balance. How? 

Balance Your Fashion With Must-Haves And Never-Haves 

A balanced closet will have everything you need and nothing you don’t. It will be as universal as personalized and as comfortable and safe as it is challenging. Here are some must-have, never-have tips to help ensure the balance is at the center of your closet: 

• Must-have classic pieces that transcend ‘year of’ moments in fashion. These are those essential components of your outfits that never go out of style. 

• Must-have basic and neutral colors should be the foundation of your wardrobe. Then, you can build attractive patterns, hard-to-match colors, and so forth statement pieces, but you should never have more statement pieces than you have basics. 

• Must-have seasonal colors to bring your core wardrobe to life. 

• Never have a wardrobe that boxes you into a single look on repeat. Experiment with new colors, patterns, lengths, and combinations that push your comfort zone but remain true to your perfect fit. 

• Never have pieces or colors because they look good on others or become popularized. Keep you at the center of your style. 

• Must have a selection that compliments your personality, personal coloring, and body dimensions. This is your style strategy, and it should challenge you to examine new looks for a well-rounded fit with your total image. Think strategy, not safety nor overzealous. 

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Are You Ready To Add Balance To Your Fashion? 

In closing, it’s not your budget that determines how well your wardrobe works for or against you. It’s balance! It’s knowing exactly what should and shouldn’t be in your closet at any given time to make it harmonious with you and your goals and image. That’s how your closet becomes an asset to your total image. So, what are you waiting for? Start applying those must-haves and have-not tips to your wardrobe today! 



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