AICI – Why I Joined and Why You Should Too!

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When most think of helping industries, they automatically envision the doctors, nurses, firemen, police officers, and others directly on the frontlines of health and safety, right? Well, today, we are here to talk about the personal stylist and image consultant working behind the scenes of the helping industry.

While you might not receive the awards and pats on the back that the firemen get, you, as a personal stylist and image consultant, are one of the vertebrae that makes up the helping industry. And, you’re putting out a lot of metaphorical fires burning the lives of your clients.

There’s so much more to our profession and services than just handing someone color swatches and styling them to look beautiful/handsome. What you do is more…so much more.

You’re offering your clients the ability to be their best, truest self and reach any and all goals they aspire to set. For some, this may mean finally matching their inward and outward appearance to find confidence and self-esteem. Other clients may have more targeted goals, such as finding a life partner, landing a job, or excelling within their professional career.

Shouldn’t you give yourself that same opportunity to be your own highest sense of self within your profession? Let AICI help you get there.

Why I Joined AICI

Since joining AICI in 2000, I’ve gained so much more than just a mere membership affiliation to put on my professional portfolio. In fact, it’s a decision that’s made a profound and invaluable impact on my status as an entrepreneur. This is a membership with benefits and values far surpassing its dues and with doors of opportunity at every turn.

With AICI in my corner, I’ve built a business and personal confidence that’s enabled me to both help myself and serve my clients better. AICI is a portal to grow your business in an environment of other supportive, like-minded, and influential leaders in the helping niche.

I can personally attest that joining AICI is a worthy consideration for anyone in the image industry or related field. This is true no matter how new, established, big, or small your image consultant career or business may be. Why?

AICI offers you an entire interactive network of worldwide professionals within your industry. With 34 chapters across the globe and a demand for more sprouting daily, you have access to the tools and connections that can help you gain success in the image industry beyond your wildest dreams.

Each chapter offers a plethora of benefits, including affiliation prestige, educational programs, professional meetings, global conferences, endless opportunities to network with professional peers, mentoring services, and member-to-member referrals.

Members gain so many resources from AICI. Imagine being able to directly and indirectly network with other vetted and accomplished image consultants and image professionals in similar niches. Talk shop. Brainstorm. Partner. Build alliances. Develop leads. Foster quality referrals for anything from makeup and fashion vendors to clients.

Why You Should Join AICI Today

One of my most valuable takeaways from my AICI membership is the promotional and educational connections I?ve built. Each helped me see a different part of a bigger picture, and my business has thrived because of it.

The image industry is a rapidly growing entity, and it takes connections to be successful and expand your business down the most prudent and profitable paths. There’s a lot of industry news to keep up with and interpret; it helps tremendously when you?re empowered and inspired by AICI’s alliances and reliable sources of expert info.

Speaking of industry news, how do you keep up with etiquette, personal branding, consumer products, and so forth? If you’re going at it on your own, there’s a much easier way – AICI.

Keep in mind that the number one thing consumers value is in knowing that the services, goods, and professionals they choose are safe, consistent, knowledgeable, and reliable. Achieving this means you must know your industry standards and keep up with even the slightest changes.

AICI enables you to keep atop of industry standards best practices, and emerging trends, which helps ensure your operations are ethical and supporting a positive brand image. AICI lays out clear and concise specifications, procedures, and guidelines for image consultant products, services, systems, and professionals.

Come join us at AICI today so that you can experience all these confidence-building and business-building benefits for yourself.




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