Accessorizing For Your Unique Face

In session one, we learned about identifying your face shape so that you can use your features as a guide to accessorize. Now, let’s get into how accessories work with these face shapes so that you can make the best choices. We will start with earrings. 

The primary purpose of an accessory is to enhance your look and make your natural beauty shine brightly. To do this, said accessories should work with, not against, your natural unique features. Face shape makes the perfect guide for earring selections. 

Face Shape Earring Accessorizing 101 

1) Oval 

This is often considered the most desirable face shape because the symmetry allows for such an array of accessory shapes and styles. Yet, you can still choose wisely to highlight your best features, such as diagonal, upward-pointing earrings to bring out your beautiful cheekbones and interesting shapes to break up your otherwise perfect symmetry. 

2) Square 

Accessorizing a square face is all about gently softening your features, such as your very strong jawline. Longer, wider earrings in rectangular, oval, and teardrop shapes give the illusion of face length to keep your face from appearing too boxy. 

3) Round 

Accessorize the round face to elongate it so that it takes a more oval appearance. The softness of its shape and lack of angles can be balanced with angular accessories. This means long, dangling earrings in a straight line or rectangular and teardrop designs, which can all help to narrow the face. 

4) Diamond 

The rarity of high, full cheeks against a more narrow forehead and chin make for an unforgettable face. Play up your uniqueness with uneven earrings that tapper from narrow to wide, such as teardrop or pear shape. Stacked ovals and triangles also look good. 

5) Triangular 

The goal is to avoid overwhelming the triangular face’s very strong jawline, full midsection, and narrower top third. Go with narrow, long earrings to create more balanced features and the illusion of length, and avoid any earring that widens near the cheeks.  

6) Heart 

The goal is to not widen the forehead nor minimize the chin and jawline whilst adding length to the face. Long and narrow earrings work great here, especially in oval, rectangular, and teardrop shapes. 

7) Inverted Triangle 

Think opposite your face. Go with earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top, and they should be long and narrow. The best earring shapes for inverted triangles include teardrop, rectangular and oval hoops.

8) Rectangular / Oblong 

The goal is to add width to your long face. The lack of angles in the face can be enhanced with strategic choices in accessory shape. So, earrings should be cropped and wide. Avoid dangling earrings unless your hair is longer and being worn down. Use teardrop, round, and inward angles to add dimension. Sparkling studs are a great choice. 

Get To Know Your Face

In previous months, we’ve discussed the importance of dressing to express, not impress. You know your body and what fits it. Now, it’s time to know your face and what fits it. 

Forget what earrings you see others wearing if you don’t have a very similar face shape. 
Just as your outfit is all about capturing your best features and minimizing those that you’re not most comfortable with, accessories should apply the same standard of expression.

Need help expressing yourself? Never hesitate to contact your personal stylist for specific earring suggestions and pairings between face and outfit. Stay tuned for our next session: Hairstyles To Flatter Your Face Shape! 



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