A Woman’s Biggest Mistake…

Have you ever said, oh I just look awful in this? I have no idea of my style?? You are not alone ? women are hardest on themselves.? Unfortunately women in general do sabotage their own image, when we have beautiful smile but tend to concentrate on the off white teeth, when we have a beautiful face but tend to look on the flat hair.? you get my point. We have so many beautiful elements about us but tend to highlight a negative one.??

Most of the time your image is exceptionally acceptable however trying too hard to fit into today?s society and the must have image in look and fashion is what?s driving us to be so critical with ourselves. Self-acceptance is the key element to happiness and beauty and after that you need to master your personal style.

Wearing clothes and feeling good within your own skin will certainly give you the wow factor so let?s start by understanding the seven different personality styles.?

The Classic, Traditional Personality Style?

The Classic woman is usually average to tall in height. She has a well-balanced figure. She is controlled, well mannered, gracious, sophisticated, and lady-like. Her facial features are not extreme. She prefers clothing styles with symmetry and balance, control, blending of color, and head-to-toe harmony.

The Creative, Original Personality Style

The Creative, Original women love her colorful, creative unique fashion and style. Common characteristics of a creative woman are usually that she is average or tall in height, confident, influential, and strong-minded. The creative woman favours wearing unusual designs, very rare combinations, and unbalanced shapes and sizes.

The Dramatic, Striking Personality Style?

Common characteristics of a Dramatic woman are commonly that she is average or tall in height, sophisticated, executive, confident, influential, and strong-minded. The Dramatic woman favours wearing bold geometrics designs, oversized styling, and asymmetrical shapes.

The Elegant, Chic Personality Style

The Elegant and Chic Personality, is a lady like in every way and loves her tailored look.? She is very precise with her finishing touches and fit. The Elegant woman wears minimal jewelry and there is nothing extreme in her appearance, her dress code is timeless and Luxurious.

The Feminine,? Romantic Personal Style??

The Romantic woman who prefers style expression is most often average to tall in height. She has beautiful, soft features, and long-lashed, captivating eyes. She is feminine, flirtations, charming, graceful, and softly sophisticated. Her best styles are soft, flowing, and drapy with soft ruffles, drapy bows; and floral ornaments.

The Natural, Sporty Personality Style

The Natural woman is usually five feet four or shorter. She is small boned, and compact; not large. She is relaxed and candid. Her face is often broad or long with natural looking features. She prefers clothing with relaxed, straight lines and not too many details. Her look is sporty, sharp, and detached.

The Sexy, Alluring Personality Style???

The Sexy and Alluring woman is well known for her curves and rounded features. Loves her tight and body hugging clothes. The Sexy woman loves her Monochromatic colors, along with her luxurious fabrics. Her body language speaks volume elements of femininity, flirtations and charms. ?

It is possible for a person to possess characteristics that encompass a combination of two or more of the above personality types.? Consider the styles you enjoy wearing most to determine which category incorporates your personality type and make you shine and stand out from the crowd.

However if you need more information on how to determine your personal style please feel free to contact us at ByFerial Image Consultant Training



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