A Simple Yet A Remarkable Makeover – Part One The Before

Have you ever hated having your photo taken?? That?s how our client Janine felt when she first came to see us.? We were chatting over a coffee and I commented on how she looked like she?d lost a bit of weight since our last meeting.

Janine was about to go on her first overseas trip and wanted to have some nice photos to look back on so she embarked on trying to lose some weight.? Janine was often found behind the camera as she didn?t like the way she looked in front of it.

As we were chatting, I recommended that Janine consider having a Body and Color Analysis done.? It could be fun and rewarding.?

The Before

Janine always thought she was the traditional ?Oval? shape ? fuller in the middle with good legs and round face.? After conducting the body analysis we discovered in fact that Janine had a rectangular body shape, with a square face. However Janine?s lack of this knowledge and dressing herself like an Oval body shape is what created the illusion of a fuller figure.

Understanding and knowing our body shape will allow us to select and dress in styles and silhouettes that complement our body shape by creating a longer leaner look. ?

?Next came the fun part ? the color analysis.?

I had an idea of what color theme Janine would suit, but always find it good to show how powerful the color can be and what it does to our skin when we wear the correct or the wrong color. We showed Janine step by step thru the elimination process of what doesn?t work well and how and why the wrong color makes her look older and washed out. When we placed the correct color next to her face, Janine?s skin just lights up instantly making her looks younger and healthier.

After a fun morning, I left Janine with her color swatch and renewed enthusiasm and set up a shopping trip to the mall.

Janine reported the next day that she was also energized to look through her wardrobe.? Like many of us, Janine would see something look good either in the magazines or on a friend and think it would look good on her too ? but with her correct body shape identified and her color swatch in her hand ? she now knew much more about what REALLY suits her best.

We selected a few of the wrong pieces that Janine had in her wardrobe to show you some before shots ? some are the right colors, but the wrong style.? Some the wrong style and color.

Now let?s go shopping ? Before we went shopping Janine had to determined her budget ?? we spent a few hours at the local mall ? as Janine now has a better understanding of her body shape and colors, it?s amazing how easy and fun shopping can be.

Accessories ? what shoes, handbags, necklaces, earrings does Janine already have that compliment her style? ? What other accessories does she need? When selecting your finishing touches you need to determine your body scale as it is number one factor that you need to take into consideration in order to select the correct size and style.

Hair and Makeup? ?Janine had been applying her makeup and wearing her hair in the same style for over 10 years.? We arranged with our stylist to give Janine a new look to compliment her personal coloring and lifestyle. A makeup lesson was done so Janine can carry on looking good on a day to day basis.?

Stay tuned and have your drums ready to roll as we will be revealing the New Janine in few days.



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