A Brand Called You

Personal branding is becoming an important way to advance yourself. In this post, we will explain 7 tips for expanding and perfecting your personal brand.

1. Solving, Not Just Selling

You don’t provide a product, you provide a solution. That shows you are a thinker, a problem solver, someone who applies innovative thinking to help your clients or customers. You are worth a lot more than just a sale.

2. Purpose, Not Just Profit

Why are you in your field? Sure, most people want to make money, but to really get ahead, you have to demonstrate more than that. Show the world how your personal dedication and interest means you are especially committed. That is more attractive than someone who is just in it for the money.

3. Know The Ingredients, Not Just the Recipe

Your work shouldn’t be a mindless sequence of steps. Ensure that you really understand each part of the final result, and make sure that everyone knows that you do. That way, you can reassemble ideas and parts into new solutions.

4. Learning, Not Just Lecturing

Advancement in the modern economy depends on knowledge and learning. That’s why it’s important to show how much time and effort you spend on developing yourself. Illustrate how you are always acquiring more skills and a deeper understanding of your role.

5. Significance, Not Just Success

This goes along with point 2. What does it mean for you to succeed? A lot more than just revenue flowing into your bank account. Make your success into a real contribution to the world. How are you helping people and providing them with value?

6. Ownership, Not Just Accountability

Responsibility matters, and it’s up to you to own anything that you are responsible for. That means that its successes and failures are your own, and that you should know and understand it on a deep level. You are not just the person who happens to be at the top – you have responsibility.

7. Respect, Not Just Recognition

Your achievements should earn you the respect of your peers. You are not just becoming a name on a list. You should become notable for what you have done and what you are capable of doing. That is how you earn respect and polish your personal branding.

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