5 Proven Steps to Succeed In Your Image & Styling Business This Year!

5 Proven Steps to Succeed In Your Image & Styling Business This Year!

Every solid and long-lasting structure needs an unshakable foundation. Whether you are looking to build a new house, a new chapter in your life, or reach new heights in your business, what you do today will impact your results tomorrow. How do you know you are taking the right action steps right now, to succeed in business later


There are 5 critical elements that we’ve proven and tested to help you establish your foundation for business success in 2022… and ensure continued success all year long!


1. Brand Yourself 

Branding yourself is so much more than an image: a great logo, a good looking website, or a solid presentation. So many entrepreneurs get fixated on the perfect presentation. The video has to be perfect, the stock images must be just right, the website features have to function exactly. Yes, all that is helpful, of course! But when you know what you stand for and are clear on the mission that drives you, you make a name for yourself without even trying. This is because people crave the real you. They want the energy behind your products and services – the intention! Not the product or service itself. When you let every business goal you have be led by, and infused by, your passion, your love, and your mission, people will be knocking down your doors to try to get to you.


Here are some questions to ask yourself as the new year starts off:


  • What is the bigger picture, the greater vision of what I’m doing? What do I want to see more of in the world?
  • Am I making clear statements and content that reflect this mission?
  • Am I still aligned with my original mission, or is it time to redefine it?


2. Take Calculated Risks 

One huge reason entrepreneurs miss out on business growth is because they are afraid of failure. They worry about what their customers, their colleagues, their family, and friends will think if they fail. They stay up at night wondering if they’re on the right track, they question themselves and doubt their abilities. Here’s the cold hard truth: you absolutely must FAIL your way to success. Please read that again, because it’s important. If you’ve been thinking of trying something new, are inspired by a strategy you heard in a workshop, or have been thinking about doing your first live video – start and the pressure will be off! The beginning of anything new is always scary, no matter who you are. But it is these mistakes and failures that teach us, and actually show us, the way forward. In fact, being willing to fail is a key trait that differentiates successful businesses from not-so-successful ones. 


Begin by considering:


  • What have I been wanting to do in my business that scares me? What is it that I keep putting off for another time?
  • What is the real reason behind my fear and is there another perspective I can adopt temporarily to see if it suits me better?
  • Am I willing to not try something new and risk massive growth?


3. Engage Your Customers

There’s nothing worse than a business talking “at” you and “telling” you what you need and what to do about it. While you very well may have plenty of solutions to some major problems that your customers have, the truth is that your solutions are not valuable unless they’re valuable to your specific customers. Start the new year off by creating a customer profile.


Go to your Google analytics and keyword planner, Facebook analytics, and email data to discover:


  • What pieces of content are most interesting to my audience. Where am I getting the most engagement?
  • Where do my customers live, what is their age group, their income, gender, and do I have any other demographic data?
  • Which keywords are my customers and my ideal audience searching to solve their problems?


From just this little amount of information, you can create a customer profile. For example “Jane, who is 35, lives in the U.S, and loves to learn about the newest trends, and often searches for what to wear in order to look slimmer.” Now you can speak to Jane directly through your content and offerings. Jane is a stylish millennial with disposable income, and she is always looking for new style tips to enhance her shape. 


You may end up with one or more customer profiles, and that’s OK. Additionally, your customer profile may change as you grow. None-the-less, a customer profile helps you stay personal and realistic, without guessing in the dark who you’re speaking to and what they want.


4. Stop Selling Your Product Or Service

Think back to a time a friend or family member wanted you to do something that you didn’t want to do. Were they forceful and pushy, or inspiring and enthusiastic? How did it make you feel to make a commitment you didn’t believe in? How did it feel when you took an inspired action? If you’re like me, you hate being told what to do, but you love following positive results. In sales, it’s no different. Instead of pushing your product or service onto your audience, use stories and testimonials. Stories help describe what your customer, or what you, did that made them feel absolutely transformed. Use details to describe the before and after of the experience, and describe the result in a positive and vivid way. 


Try this exercise:


  1. When was the last time someone complimented your service, gave you a heartfelt thank you, or made you feel like you were truly making a difference in the world? An added bonus? Reminding yourself of your impact gives you confidence and helps you recommit to helping even more people!
  2. Do you have emails, Facebook comments, or text messages from clients that thank you for the positive experience they had with you or the difference you made in their lives?


5. Recommit to Your Leadership and Mindset 

While this is the last tip, it is also the most important one. Leadership sets successful people apart from those that always seem to be getting nowhere. The #1 reason why your business is not growing as fast as you would like it to, is because you harbor a belief that is blocking you. Perhaps you feel like you aren’t good enough, that there are already so many people out there doing what you’re doing, that you’re not ready, not outspoken enough, not smart enough, not educated enough…and this list goes on! Here at ByFerial, we deal with mindset and leadership head-on. In fact, we created Empower Group for this exact reason. It’s essential for us to help uplift you and help you focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. If you are not yet part of our community, you absolutely must try out this FREE 7 DAY TRIAL for EMPOWER GROUP  >>CLICK HERE! 


In just 7 days, we will help you change your mindset, strengthen your leadership, and set key goals in place to get you where you want to be. The new year is all about investing in your future, by investing in your mindset. 


If you are already a part of Empower group, take the new year to set up new positive affirmations, focus on what you want, determine what your greatest strengths are (and use them), and remember to keep toxic thoughts and influences at bay…and success will be imminent. 




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