The 4X4 Color Analysis System

Color analysis is a very important tool. A color wheel is a physical means of visualizing colors and their relationship with one another. A user simply moves the sections of the wheel to instantly see how yellow is opposite on the spectrum from blue or why red and green go together so well.


The color wheel been used for color analysis for centuries. The original color wheel was created by Sir Isaac Newton, the famed scientist and well known inventor. Newton was interested in the properties of light and how it separated out into specific colors. Newton used his color wheel to illustrate this to others. His color wheel was divided into a warm part on the right side. The left side was where one found the cooler colors.

In addition to these categories, each side of the wheel was further divided into two more categories related to the seasons. The warm side of the wheel has a warm light (Spring) as well as a warm deep (Autumn) category. In contrast, the cool side has a cool light (Summer) and a cool deep (Winter) category. Albet Munsell looked over Newton’s color wheel carefully. He read more into it and defined it further he described it as having three dimension, hue, value and chroma.

The 4X4 Color System

After years of research and study, Ferial Youakim, a Certified Image Professional, created and developed a new and even more accurate form of dividing color. Ferial called it the ?4X4 Color System.? The 4X4 color concept originates directly from the color wheel that Newton and Munsell developed. This new system includes a new and highly useful addition called pure colors. Pure (Clear) colors fall into three categories. They can be tinted (lightened), toned (softened), or shaded (deepened) depending the color in question. To put in another perspective, colors can be pure, light, medium or dark and so can people’s coloring as well. Many experienced and knowledgeable image consultants have implemented this system for use with their own clients. They believe it is truly the most up-to-date system as well as the only system that works for people of all skin types.


This unique system, the 4X4 Color System perfectly analyzes the undertone, hue, value and intensity of all people?s completely unique skin, hair and eye coloring. The system allows consultants to study and thus revealing these four elements. This way image consultants can use this detailed system to uncover beauty secrets that will make them look and feel better. Consultants can then provide others with a color palette to balance, harmonize, and enhance their distinctive color harmony.

Newton began the system. Munsell refined it. Ferial brought the color concept into modern history.

If you are an image consultant and have been trained by other system and would like to convert, learn and be certified in The Universal 4X4 Color System ? 16 seasons please contact us.



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