If I can do it, anyone can!

AICI Global Conference

I am humbled and honored to announce that I have been sworn in as the next AICI President. YES, you heard me correctly, I am going to be your 2019-2021 President for the Association of Image Consultant International

Although it took a lot of hard work, I was able to make my dream into a reality. But I never thought that I will be leading the entire association globally. I am proud of my achievements and humbled that I am an example for others. I truly believe that consistent hard work and dedication will generate success.?

If I can do it, anyone can!

I can honestly say that in this profession my personal mission has been accomplished. My dream in life was to empower, inspire and transform people?s lives by teaching them how to shine and this is exactly what I am going to use my new designation for.?

To date my business has developed 6 professional trainers, delivered training to hundreds of students, and spread this work across the globe into Australia, Paris, Italy, Dubai, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Lebanon and the United States. My work has provided thousands of people with personal image consultations to help them reach their personal goals.

But of all my accomplishments, the one I believe to be most significant and rewarding is writing and telling my story. My book ?Beyond Beauty ? A Refugee?s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness? uncovers the truth of my journey as an image consultant as well as the struggles I have faced personally. I have battled with thoughts that I am not good enough, and with harsh internal judgments. However, I am still standing today and by sharing my journey, I wish to offer peace and success to those who are struggling to find their own self-value.

I believe that no person should feel less than what they deserve; I want every single person to understand their positive value.?

My career spans 30 years and I have no intention of stopping. With an award-winning charity ?Mums on a Mission? and my ambassador-like position with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, I want to further my ambition. ?Using my journey to help create a better world, I will not stop until everyone has discovered their true worth. ?I don?t make people beautiful because I am an image consultant, I remind them of their beauty?.

Final Thoughts

Leading by example and building your personal and professional brand is easy when you know the exact steps to take, to achieve the outcome you desire. My aim is to?equip?you, with as much?knowledge as I can. However, if you are still not sure and would like professional advice, we are here for you.?

Join the amazing entrepreneur who took the risk and succeeded! Here is your chance to be a part of our exclusive Empower Global Network Group.?



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