Is Your Image Helping or Hurting Your Success

No matter the industry in which you work, you will encounter people for whom success seems to come without effort. They enjoy promotions, special assignments and appear to reach their goals with ease. When you meet individuals, who have that special trait, you know something is different about them, but you can’t explain what it is that makes them so magnetic. The moment they enter the room or speak up during a meeting, you can instantly tell that they have a clear purpose and know how to get the job done. Even though others might have the same abilities, skills and knowledge, they will be overlooked in favor of those who have mastered that elusive trait: total image.

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As much as most of us don’t want to believe it, our image and the way that we present ourselves plays a vital role in the level of success that we can expect to gain, hurting or helping it. Although you will always need to have the skills to back it up, your capacity to survive and thrive in the professional world relates to your ability to create an image that inspires trust, respect and credibility in the minds of your peers and prospective clients. In its basic form, business is about solving problems that people have in exchange for compensation, and the people with whom you surround yourself want to know that you have what it takes to meet their needs effectively.?

Successful people have taken the time to master the skill of total image, knowing that it creates a refined and polished look that gives them an edge over the competition. They always make powerful first impressions that have a lasting impact on almost everyone they encounter. With a professional yet approachable appearance, they can quickly and effortlessly establish themselves as experts to the people who matter the most. In addition to expertise, they also demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times.

As the difference between success and failure, your total image needs to be handled if you don’t want to fall behind, and we are going to explore some of the factors that you need to keep at the front of your mind.?

Time:?The time and day of your presentation will impact the way that you will want to portray yourself to others. Because choosing the right outfit will demonstrate that you have what it takes to stay relevant in a fast-paced and evolving market, you can’t afford to make mistakes

Occasion:?Whether you are attending a meeting with your peers or closing a deal with a client, dressing for the occasion is vital. Even though you don’t want to go to a formal meeting wearing tennis shoes, you should also avoid overdressing for informal events.

People:?The way that you choose to present yourself can work wonders for sending the right message. If you dress in a way that leaves a positive impression on others, they will know that you can understand and connect with people, which is a critical business skill that you don’t want to ignore.

Final Thoughts:?Having unmatched skills won’t do you much good if you don?t know how to present yourself in a way that grabs attention. When your total image is on the line, every piece of attire that you wear must be chosen deliberately and with care.

Our aim with these blog articles is to empower and inspire you to look good, feel great and reach your greatest potentials. However, if you need a helping hand in a simple or a complete makeover we are here for you. For a free consultation and to know more about our services feel free to call us on 954 328 2732 or email us [email protected]



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