3 Ways To Market Yourself Through Image

How Entrepreneurs Dress for Success!

Are you thinking about changing your professional image or style?  Do you want better results and more success in business? So many entrepreneurs are unknowingly held back from achieving their full professional potential, simply because they don’t realize the massive impact their personal image has on their brand and business. While professional style is a combination of personality, physical appearance, and the desired perception of how you want to be seen, studies show that people can recall 65% of visual content almost 3 days later. This means that they’re more likely to remember how you looked, not what you said. In fact, LinkedIn profiles with a professional headshot get up to 14 times more views, and 93 % of executives believe your appearance can impact your chances of getting a promotion. Research also shows that attractive people have higher incomes, even if their job does not require public contact. In essence, your image can impact every single area of your professional life.

In this post, we’re going to go over 5 key tips to help you market yourself through a powerful and impactful image so that you can establish a powerful brand, deliver the right message, and increase your business success!

#1. Repeat Successful Patterns

When you decide to dress for success, you are sending out the message that you are on a path of leadership. Start by noticing how successful entrepreneurs in your existing marketplace look and dress. Do some research on the successful people you admire by looking at their LinkedIn profiles or reviewing trade magazines. Discover how the people you admire (those who win awards, get promotions, and industry leadership recognitions) present themselves. What do they wear? What does their image say? How do you feel about them? When you repeat the patterns of successful entrepreneurs, you are already one step ahead of the game by following their tried and tested footsteps. Once you’ve established a benchmark for yourself in terms of what you want to represent, you can then implement these principles into your own look and unique lifestyle.

Ask: Who do I admire in my industry? What does their image say about them? What Do I want my image to say about me?


#2. Use Image For Your Marketing

Use image marketing

When people decide to give you more money or opportunity, they are essentially investing in you. They are investing in who you are and what you represent. This means that your image should represent your values and what’s important to you. Do you appear as someone who is moving towards a bright and rewarding future? Do you look valuable? Important? When you look at the part, you’ll also feel the part and play the part. One of the best ways to represent success is to be consistent. Whether you’re putting out online content for your website or social channels, filming an interview, hoping on a zoom meeting, or going to an in-person meeting, your image should always reflect a message of who you are and what you want to represent.

Ask: Does my image accurately represent who I am and who I want to be? In which areas of my professional life do I need to show up more accurately?


#3. Allow The Details To Make The Decisions

details matter

More often than not, it is the little details that people will remember about you – not necessarily your image as a whole. For example, they will remember that you felt put together and organized to them because of the exact tailoring and fit of your clothing. They may notice that you are detail-oriented and take care of yourself because your hairstyle, nails, and shoes are clean. Or perhaps your body language makes them feel comfortable and welcome because your arms are uncrossed and you make direct eye contact and smile. Ultimately, the image of a modern entrepreneur should reflect balance, intelligence, and a bit of elegance! One of the best ways to develop these fine points within yourself is to surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs. When you belong to a like-minded community of entrepreneurs who are on that same path as you are, you get the support and insights that set you apart, and help you join the ranks of the person you envision to be!

Ask: What details do I tend to notice upon first meeting others? What details would I like to represent more accurately in myself?


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