Can I Be Cool When I Am Warm

When Paula received her first color analysis, she was told that she was a Warm Autumn. Years went by and the search went on. She felt that certain colors for Warm Autumns were aging her and washing her out. This inspired her to do some research about why she was not matching the profile of a typical Warm Autumn.


She sought out another color analyst and was diagnosed as Soft Autumn. Even as she walked away from the analysis with a color swatch, she knew that it clashed with her natural colors. As her journey continued, she learned about the benefits of the 4×4 color system (16 seasons).

Paula found many more options in this color system: sixteen different seasons! This intrigued her and encouraged her to learn why she had never been able to find quite the right match with the old system.

Paula had always asked herself: can a person be warm and still look good in cool colors? The answer turned out to be a resounding yes. She finally realized that by not coloring her hair, she was a warm that was naturally cooling down. This explained why warm colors had begun overwhelming her and clashing with her natural colors.


While Paula had once been warm, she now had two cool features in the form of her eyes and hair. Her skin was a deep tone, but the two cool features overcame the one deep feature. That is why the 4X4 color system categorized her as cool toned. As it turns out, due to her naturally lightening, Paula is not an Autumn at all, but a Summer!


Once it had been established that she was a cool tone, we needed to figure out where to place her exactly. Given that she had a rich/warm skin tone, this was not the normal analysis for a cool tone. Paula was of medium intensity because she had features that were both warm and cool. Under the 4×4 system, we determined that Paula was actually a Toned Summer; something that none of her other analysts had realized.


Paula was thrilled that her journey was finally over and went home with a color swatch palette that would help her determine what colors best suited her.

16 Seasons

16 Seasons

We are happy to perform this service for anyone that needs a reliable color analysis. Our 4×4 system takes unique considerations that others do not, which helps our clients find just the right classification for them.

To discover your Personal Color Palette contact us on [email protected] or call us direct +1 954 328 2732 and we will be more than happy to analyze your colors with the 4X4 color analysis system.



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